Classes & Clinics

** 2020 Clinic dates are posted on the OKCC Calendar **

** North Clackamas Aquatic Center Pool Sessions are set for 2019/2020 Nov 2019 - Feb 2020**
** Columbia Pool is slated to close in July 2020 - watch this page for 2020 Spring Pool dates

OKCC provides several ways for its members to progress and learn new skills.

Progression trips run most of the year unless the water is extremely high or low:

Beginner and Intermediate Progression trips.

Check out the OKCC Calendar to find out when the next Progression will be. You may contact the Beginner Progression Coordinator or the Intermediate Progression Coordinator for more information. Check Facebook or the Yahoo Group list for the latest information.

Watch for Summer World Kayak events again in 2020:

Typical events:  "Learn to surf" day on the Lower White Salmon (LWS). This is for beginners and intermediate paddlers who want to improve their eddy turns, peel outs and ferries. We will work on these techniques and then stop off at "cave wave" to put it all together. Expect to spend 2 to 3 hours on this 1 hour run. NOTE this is not really geared for people who already surf and want to work on harder moves, this is for people who don't consistently catch waves or have problems staying on. All skill levels, however, are welcome to join.

Contact John Lechmanik for more info:

2020 Clinics - for current Members only

There are clinics for beginners through advanced boaters, plus surfing, rolling, creeking, slalom, and SUPing.

When available, a complete list will be posted here

Review the calendar for the most up-to-date schedule. Note: Water levels and other unforeseen events can cancel or reschedule a Clinic. Please check the calendar and watch for Facebook posts regarding the Clinics of your choice.

Pool Sessions

Updated: North Clackamas Pool Sessions for Nov 2019 - Feb 2020 are posted.
Columbia Pool dates starting 2020 will be posted when available.

One way to work on your skills is through the winter pool sessions. Although not a formal class, there are always other members at the pool sessions who will help you learn how to roll, learn a new roll, help you with bracing, or teach you a new flat-water move.


Almost every month of the year, the club sponsors paddling trips on local rivers. The trips are led by experienced paddlers, and safety boaters are there to ensure a safe trip and help out in case of a swim. These trips allow paddlers to learn the local rivers, meet new paddling buddies, and improve their skills.

The Beginner Progression starts on easier Class II rivers and progress monthly to more difficult rivers. The Intermediate Progression trips start on easier Class III rivers and progress monthly to more difficult rivers. There is talk of an Advanced level Progression, and more info will be posted here and on Facebook when it's available.

The Progressions are not intended to be formal instruction, but if you ask your trip leader to help you with a skill, you’re sure to get some assistance. Typically, the Beginner Progressions occur on the first weekend of the month, (generally Sunday), and the Intermediate Progressions are on the third weekend of the month, (generally Sunday). However, the exact date of Progressions does change to accommodate other clinics or water/weather issues. Check out the OKCC Calendar to find out when the next Progression will be. You may contact the Beginner Progression Coordinator or the Intermediate Progression Coordinator for more information.

The Beginner Progression is whitewater trip down a local class II or II+ river. To participate you need proper equipment including a kayak, paddle, helmet, pfd, spray skirt, a throw rope would be nice, and some river experience. It is recommended before going on a BP trip that you take a beginner kayaking class from one of the local shops such as Alder Creek, ENRG Kayaking, Next Adventure, Wet Planet in Husum or Kayak Shed in Hood River. Also, the water is cold everywhere in the NW almost all the time, so buy or rent a dry suit if it's at all in your budget. You will be much happier. These trips are not instructional, although more experienced boaters are often available to provide advice. You do get the opportunity to get out on the river while surrounded by other boaters, some of whom are probably at your level and with some safety support around.

There is no cost to participate in any of the Progression trips, but you must be a current OKCC member with a liability waiver on file. Guests are also welcome with a signed liability waiver. See the Membership page for forms and options to e-file the waiver.

Clinics - see sign-up info for the current year near the top of the page

The club also has clinics and classes that are free of charge to OKCC club members. These include intermediate classes, advanced classes, playboat classes, creeking clinics, and other clinics throughout the year. These fantastic classes are taught by local experienced paddlers/instructors. The only "cost" for these classes to members is to give back to the club by volunteering in some way - lead a Progression, be a safety boater on a Progression, volunteer at a river clean-up, help at pool sessions, serve on the board, or in some way give back to the club. To find out more about the clinics, contact the clinic coordinator.