Covid-19 Message July 2020

July 10 2020 - Updated Covid-19 Message from the Board

In March OKCC shut down all public activity due to C19 (has it really only been that long?). C19 isn’t going away anytime soon and we’re all learning to live with it. Many of us have gotten back outdoors in small private groups and the Board now agrees that we’re ready to re-commence club activities, subject to the kind of precautions with which we’re all too thoroughly familiar, listed below.

Of course, these good-faith precautions are not a Club guarantee against contracting C19. Individuals must make their own decisions about their comfort in assuming this risk.

OKCC C19 event policies

Non-negotiable - protect others and respect all mandatory restrictions

  1. Trip leads will exercise their judgment to limit group size appropriately
  2. Members will get positive prior confirmation of participation from trip leads
  3. Maintain 6 foot distance. Pay particular attention at put ins and take outs
  4. All will mask up when off the water when closer contact is unavoidable. Carry spare masks in your vehicle and dry bag
  5. All will respect state and local regulations

Recommended - protect yourself (and yeah, we know; protecting yourself is protecting others too!)

  1. Out and back transport - Single household or social bubble per vehicle
  2. For put in/take out shuttle, biking is suggested. For car; single occupant per row alternating sides and all masked. Windows down and air con set to pull in fresh air
  3. Only touch your own gear
  4. Avoid sharing snacks/water

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