Diversify Whitewater River and Skills Day – July 24, 2021 at Oxbow Park, Sandy, Oregon


OKCC is committed to helping with this event. There are lots of on-land and on-water volunteer opportunities available. Read on for how you can help, the schedule for the day, and some visuals including the Team!

UPDATE: Sign up here as a participant or a volunteer: https://events.com/r/en_US/registration/diversify-whitewater-paddling-skills-day---pacific-northwest-gresham-july-811062/refer/S793BAFB9-33F6-465F-89B8-FB23F2245D45?fbclid=IwAR0jS5z-wUfjHrphFpcBE9TuUSW7YkMVXpZbl-p8Hvym51oZFF2M4tw72us

Diversity Whitewater Paddling Skills Day July 24

Watercraft / equipment loans - outreach to friends in the paddling community to borrow watercraft, paddles, PFDs, pop-up shelters, coolers, etc.
Gear Librarian(s)- track everything that was loaned, provide instructions for labeling, collect the contact information of the owners so that they get their items back
Early arrival set-up and way-finding - many participants will have never been to Oxbow before. We need human and signage "breadcrumbs" to get participants from the gate to the site.
Registration tables - get folks registered / waivers signed, keep track of waivers
Real- time way-finding - during the event participants will move from station to station... maybe they want to try kayak in the morning and SUP in the afternoon, or someone arrives late while sessions are underway, etc
Shuttles - drive people or watercraft
On-the-water Instructors - Adam Edwards will be organizing that piece if you want to teach water skills - contact Adam at amichaeledwards@gmail.com
'Dry' Instructors - help fit PFDs, demo on land what the main instructor is talking about, might also get on water, but not the main instructor for the group
Safety Boaters - Adam Edwards amichaeledwards@gmail.com and Jim Good JimGoodwater@outlook.com will be organizing these folks
Photographers - take photos AND ALSO get contact info of others taking photos
Post-event site cleanup - what it sounds like
Post-event GearRetrieval - help gear librarians get loaner equipment back to owners
Post-event Lost & Found - people lose things at big events... be the point person to help support reuniting people with their objects

Contact Carla Danley to sign up for one or more of the volunteer positions, or with specific questions: carla.d.danley@gmail.com

For more information, check out these two PDFs:
Event and Site Plan (PDF)
Meet the Team and Nice Visuals (PDF)

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