Klickitat Leidl Campground to Icehouse

I thought it might be fun to do a beginner run this Saturday (9/1/12). I did the Klickitat Leidl Campground to Mile marker 18 last weekend and it was pretty easy (Class II max mostly class I) but fairly long 12+ miles. So I was thinking about either Leidl Campground to Icehouse (17 miles) or Icehouse to Mile Marker 5 (about 11 miles).

This would probably be a full day but a great chance to see a neat area on an easy river. So experienced paddlers or beginners are welcome. No roll is needed, but at least a couple of prior beginner whitewater runs would be preferred.

I’m game for either run, but the Icehouse to Mile Marker 5 would be class III (one class III drop at the end which you can skip). NOTE this is NOT a OKCC /ACA sponsored trip, just a chance to get out and paddle.

I would like to get on the river fairly early, so a 10 am meet time (in Lyle) would be my preference.If interested, please let me know.John