Updates to OKCC Insurance and what it means for you

As of June 1, 2015, Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club is no longer using ACA insurance for our club trips and events.

What this means for you:

Coordinators (Trips/Clinics/Events)

It will be easier to organize and run trips - no more ACA waivers to wrangle, ACA numbers to collect, one-day fees, or need to determine who is an ACA member.

You will need to have a signed OKCC Guest Waiver if a boater is not a current OKCC member with a member waiver on file OKCC Adult Guest Waiver (Updated May 2015)

You will also need a certified CPR &  First Aid individual, with first aid kit and CPR/First Aid training on your trip. This does not need to be the trip coordinator.

View the documents here for more detailed information: OKCC Coordinator Requirements   OKCC Checklist

If you want to sign up to be a Trip Coordinator or meet the First Aid/CPR requirements and want to be listed as available for that role, please email us with your information: info@okcc.org


OKCC Members with a waiver on file are good to go

Guests will need to sign a Guest Waiver, but no $5 fee for ACA OKCC Adult Guest Waiver (Updated May 2015) or OKCC Minor Guest Waiver (Updated May 2015).

Clinics and classes put on by instructors may have additional waiver requirements


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