About tHe OKCC

A safety & skill progression Focused Whitewater Club for Over 50 Years

The OKCC was formed in the late 60s in the Portland, Oregon metro region and has served as the largest whitewater paddling club in the area ever since. The club is primarily focused on two key facets of whitewater paddling: Safety and Skill Progression. Of course fun, community, and preservation of the rivers we love are always right at the top of the list as well! 

Members scouting a drop on the Kalama River
A safety boater poses for the camera during a Class II Trip on the N. Santiam River
OKCC volunteers proudly donate time & gear to Diversify Whitewater

Safety is Our Priority

The OKCC prides itself on it’s safety based approach to paddling. We recognize that running whitewater has some inherent risks, but we understand that many of them can be mitigated through several key actions.

Trip Leaders and Safety Boaters for official club trips are selected on the basis of appropriate skill level for the run they are leading, and are expected to be trained in basic swift water safety and first aid. 

Safety Talks & Communication at the put ins are always a must. we try to ensure that we get a feel for the skill set and mindset of all paddlers participating that day. 

Gear Requirements are a must. To ensure everyone comes home safe and happy, we require that all participants on-water trips and clinics at a minimum use a properly fitted helmet and PFD, a whistle, float bags, appropriate immersion wear for the season, appropriate footwear, and that they sign a club waiver.

Water Safety and First Aid Courses are offered to OKCC members at reduced cost several times a year. The club offers full reimbursement to trip leaders that lead multiple trips per year.

Improving Skills

The OKCC is especially interested in helping newer boaters improve their skills, giving them a solid foundation for the rest of their paddling career.

Monthly Class II Trips offer beginner boaters an excellent opportunity to practice their skills with plenty of support from more experienced boaters. This also presents a chance for them to meet other boaters of similar level in their area. These trips are run on the first weekend of every month, conditions allowing.

Monthly Class III Trips offer intermediate and advanced beginner boaters a chance to get out with similarly skilled boaters and have a little fun while working on advanced skills. These trips are run on the 3rd weekend of every month, conditions allowing.

Unlike the less structured progression trips, clinics are limited attendance, single-skill focused workshops where paddlers can really hone a skill or identify a problem area. These are offered throughout the year and almost always free to members. 

In the Winter Season the OKCC hosts pool sessions where members can practice rolling, bracing and other skills in a warm, safe controlled environment. These sessions are also a great way to catch up and socialize with other paddlers! (find the pool schedule and tickets here)

Building Community

The OKCC loves to give back and build a stronger community through volunteerism, river cleanups and donations.

The OKCC prides itself in supporting local community events such as Diversify Whitewater. We offer our support both by volunteering our time and lending gear when necessary.

The OKCC is of course deeply vested in the stewardship of of our local rivers. One way we achieve this is participating in river cleanups such as the annual We Love Clean Rivers event on the Clackamas and The Great Willamette River Cleanup.

Every year the club chooses a non-profit organization engaged in preserving river access and environment to make a donation to. This donation is presented at the annual club meeting in December.

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