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December 2020 Covid-19 Update

The OKCC Board met on Tuesday (Dec 1) and with the restrictions on group size of 5 or 6 in WA or OR we need to cancel club trips through December. Hopefully we can resume in January and we'll evaluate near the end of December.

If you post any trips in this group in the meantime, be sure to label them as “NOT AN OKCC TRIP” in the original post, as usual, not in a comment. Only members can post.

2020 Annual Meeting on Zoom

We are moving the Annual meeting to a Zoom event on December 17th and will post that event soon.

We'll also be voting using Google Forms on a couple of bylaw changes and 2021 board positions. If you do not get an email to do that by the end of this weekend contact any Board member.

Message from the Board - October 2020

We're still here.

The months since we announced that OKCC was resuming activities haven't been kind to kayaking, what with C19, wildfire, low water, protest, and politics. For the club, it's been quiet, too quiet.

The Board met earlier this month and we're re-committed. You'll see more activity in the weeks to come (yeah, we know winter's coming), kicking off with an outdoor, socially-distanced annual meeting/picnic in December at NW Park ... with swag with the new club logo, btw!

One other quick announcement. In light of our lower level of activity this year and adequate club reserves, the Board voted to extend all current paid memberships. So, if you're paid up now, you're good for next year. Thank you for your continued support.

SYOTR soon,
The Board

10/26/2020 Note from Webmaster/Membership: We have not updated your Expiration dates on the website yet, so if you get a 'Your Membership will soon expire' message, you can ignore it. There will be a mailing to current members when the update is complete.

OKCC Covid-19 Event Policies

Non-negotiable - protect others and respect all mandatory restrictions

  1. Trip leads will exercise their judgment to limit group size appropriately
  2. Members will get positive prior confirmation of participation from trip leads
  3. Maintain 6 foot distance. Pay particular attention at put ins and take outs
  4. All will mask up when off the water when closer contact is unavoidable. Carry spare masks in your vehicle and dry bag
  5. All will respect state and local regulations

Recommended - protect yourself (and yeah, we know; protecting yourself is protecting others too!)

  1. Out and back transport - Single household or social bubble per vehicle
  2. For put in/take out shuttle, biking is suggested. For car; single occupant per row alternating sides and all masked. Windows down and air con set to pull in fresh air
  3. Only touch your own gear
  4. Avoid sharing snacks/water


When you renew your membership, please submit a new waiver, also.

  • E-sign from one of these links:
    Adult Waiver
    Minor Waiver
  • or fill in online in PDF reader & sign electronically (DocuSign or similar)
  • or Download the waiver, fill out, sign, scan and e-mail to membership@okcc.org
  • or Download the waiver, fill out, sign and mail to the address below.

The waiver can be downloaded from the OKCC Documents page or direct link here:
Download Latest PDF Waiver

The mailing address (it's also on the waiver itself) is:

Oregon Kayak and Canoe Club
PO Box 208
Vancouver, WA 98666

(This is our new address as of March 2021)

If you have any trouble, please contact us at support@okcc.org

Please login if you are an existing Club Member

Members: You can update your account information and/or renew your membership at any time. Whenever you renew, your Membership will be extended an additional year from your current Expiration Date. Note: if you joined or renewed between Oct 1 - Dec 31, 2018, your expiration date is 12/31/2019. If you joined or renewed after that, you're good for one year from that date.

If you have questions, suggestions, or photos you'd like to submit, contact webmaster@okcc.org