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What does it Mean to Be an OKCC Trip LEader?

OKCC Trip Leaders & Coordinators are fundamental to the functioning of the club. Trip Leads choose the location of the run, coordinate with participants, recruit safety boaters if necessary, ensure waivers are signed, and of course lead the trip. Without trip leaders the OKCC can’t put on it’s monthly class II and class III paddles, so we always appreciate the help!

Trip Leader Requirements

All coordinators must have at least one year of solid experience paddling at the river classification of the
trips they coordinate. Some experience at the next level of classification is desirable.

All trip leaders must have completed at least one full day of swift water safety training in a class conducted on whitewater. This can be a class given by:
-An ACA or BCU instructor
-One of the local commercial paddling entities (a shop or whitewater instruction business)
-Willamette Kayak & Canoe Club
-Oregon Whitewater Association-Other Board approved training.

It’s preferred that a trip leader themselves have taken safety training, but in the event that they have not, it’s permissible to act as a trip coordinator providing a trained and designated paddler is present on the trip and identified as such. (i.e. the untrained individual may organize the trip, but they may not be the on-water trip leader without a sufficiently trained paddler acting as a co-leader).

The OKCC subsidizes safety training for it’s members. Check with a board member for current subsidy amounts.

All coordinators are encouraged to keep their First Aid and CPR training up to date. The OKCC
subsidizes First Aid and CPR training for it’s members. Check with a board member for current subsidy

 If a trip leader’s CPR certification has expired, a designated participant with current CPR/First Aid training must be present on the trip.

Coordinators must list trips such that either:
They have paddled the run previously.
They recruit participants who have paddled the run previously.
They clearly list the trip as “exploratory” meaning it requires prior researching the run and taking extra
precautions in scouting on the trip.

Trip coordinators supply river information to the best of their knowledge to participants. They question
the abilities of members and guests if they do not have prior experience with them. Coordinators may
exclude any person from any trip for safety reasons. However, in accordance with the OKCC waiver,
trip coordinators are not responsible for judging participants’ qualifications or for participants’ safety on
the water. Each participant is responsible for decisions and safety.

The OKCC Board maintains a list of members qualified to coordinate trips. Members can be added to
the list by sending a paddling history to the club Secretary who will forward it to the Board for
consideration. Include name, age, years experience leading, first aid certifications, professional
certifications (e.g. ACA or BCU training or instructor certifications).

The trip leader list is maintained at the discretion of the OKCC board. A leader may be removed by any board member if deemed necessary for any reason.

In Case of a Serious Incident

OKCC prides itself on it’s long history of running safe, incident-free trips. However, in the event of an accident or incident which requires medical attention or might reasonably be expected to result in a claim against OKCC, its Board, instructors or trip leader, the Trip Leader and Board must do the following:

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