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Individual Memberships are $30/year, Household Memberships are $40/year. Click here to sign up for a new membership or to renew an existing one.

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You and any participating household members must sign a waiver once a year. Parents or guardians must fill out a minor waiver for any children under 18 years of age. If you are bringing a minor to a trip or pool session that is not under your direct guardianship (i.e. your child's friend, their legal guardian must sign before the child can participate.

Benefits of OKCC Membership

There are many benefits to an OKCC membership, just a few are listed below:

2 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. I joined OKCC last spring. Do I need to renew now, or one year after I joined. I have signed a new waiver. I’m hoping to join the pool session this Wednesday. Do I need to do anything or just show up? Does that go till 9:00 pm?

    1. Hello Lawrence, Your membership is good thru 1/13/2023. You will get emails from the website starting about a month before your expiry date.
      You’ll need to buy a ticket. Go to and Events. You’ll see the pool sessions there and can buy tickets for them.

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